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2.3 hpi high pressure rail sensor leak; Diesel leak from the high pressure rail sensor
Topic Started: Mar 29 2018, 07:53 PM (258 Views)
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Owner of Iveco Daily IV 35S12 with the 2.3 hpi engine from 2007.

-Problems with starting -->took out starter motor --> completely soaked in diesel --> there the failure (carbon brushes,etc. destroid by diesel)
-Replaced starter and started looking for the diesel leak.
-Replaced the low pressure return line from the injectors. --> no solution
-injectors are all dry , also the connection from and to the injectors from the rail.

-fuel pressure sensor on the end of the high pressure rail is completely soaked in diesel.

OEM nr. pressure sensor: - Bosch 0 201 006 158

Question: Is there an o-ring on that sensor that coud be worn out or is it common that the sensor itself start's to leak ?
(when i lookup the part i cannot see any o-ring for sealing)(i wonder where the malfunction is of this part)

Took some photo's, here you can see the sensor from the high pressure rail is completely soaked in diesel, also you see where it drops the diesel on the engineblock.

I wonder iff i coud reseal the sensor or i need a brand new one?

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They leak via the electrical connector.

Replace only. Local diesel shop should have one, they are not Iveco specific.
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Replaced high presure rail sensor-------->diesel leak Fixed --------- Thank you JosHo---------

Not saying this is the correct or official procedure but this is how i did it.

1. Get a drink , put cookies close to workplace, a bit of music and you can start

2.Disconnect - pole from battery

3.Unscrew the 4 nuts that hold the cooling water reservoir ( 10mm )

4.Disconnect the sensor under the cooling water reservoir and loosen hoses that are hold on with plastic rings to the reservoir

5.DON'T disconnect any water hoses from the reservoir

6.Take some strips and strip the reservoir to the hood. (you shoud be able to pull the reservoir up so you have place to work on top of engine)

7.Take off plastic engine cover

8.Take off connectors to the fuel injectors
-Take off box with electrics on top of hp rail and strip to side (just pull up)
-Take off connector to the high pressure sensor at back of high pressure fuel rail. (little bit fiddly)

9.(BE CAREFULL, the high pressure rail contains very high pressure, be sure to let the pressure of in a safe way)

I loosend the pressure pipe going from high pressure fuel pump to he high pressure rail.
then i loosend the 4 connections going from the fuel injectors to the high pressure rail.(i only loosend the rail side) 17mm wrench

10.Loosen the 2 bolts that hold the Rail to the engine. 13mm

11.With the right angle you can turn a little bit and pull the rail out. (be carefull not to bent or damage any of the 5 high pressure pipes)
(optional: you can loosen both sides of the hp pipes, less change for damage)
12.Take 2 wrenches , 1 to hold rail 1 to take of sensor

13.Clean thread on rail and install new sensor. (dident know the Nm setting for installing, so i used some wookie power to install)

14.Put rail back to engine with two 13 mm bolts

15.Fasten hp pipes to rail and hp pump and put connector on the sensor

16.(leave engine cover of so you can check later for leaks)

17.cut strips and re-install cooling water expension reservoir.(dont forget to reconnect sensor under reservoir)

18.You forgot to take a cookie so now it's time for that....

19.Check everything, connect battery, start engine (you maby have to crank 2 - 3 times for fuel getting back in the rail)

20.leave engine running for a couple of minutes and in that time check for leaks.

21.No leaks .....go for drive ....no leaks ...put back plastic cover iff you fancy that.

22.Enjoy your results and eat that last cookie

TIP: Buy brake cleaner and clean everything the diesel leaked on.(brake cleaner is cheap when you buy a box of 12)

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Edited by Flex, Jul 10 2018, 10:13 AM.
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These forums are free and rely upon the goodwill of members to help and assist others. Any donations will be gratefully received.